Creativity, cultivated. 

"I am happy to be alive, as long as I can paint." - Frida Kahlo 


Britni Mara 

I graduated in 2013 from Bradley University with a BFA in Studio Arts. I quickly realized my private school education was based in extreme tradition rather than exploration, and decided to further my education (because who doesn't love more debt?). I studied abroad at the Siena Art Institute in Siena, Italy in 2014. There, is where I discovered my love for Italian wine, the Tuscan sun, and a more conceptual based learning style. 

I'm currently exploring the conceptual nature of my personal work while creating beautiful custom work for clients. Working as a self-supportive artist has been my lifelong dream. Here I am, I have arrived. Your support, in any form is much appreciated. You, have allowed me to live my dream. 

So thank you, for taking a genuine interest in what I'm creating. 






In collaboration with Wayward Collective and Apologue Liqueurs I will be leading a Natural Dyes & Cocktails Workshop on August 2nd in Wicker Park. 


For more information, or to purchase tickets click HERE


The Other Art Fair

I've been selected to show at The Other Art Fair, Chicago's inaugural year! This curated fair has an international audience, thousands of art buyers, curators and VIP members in attendance, but also comes with a hefty price tag. I'm raising funds for the next few weeks, if you're interested in donating please click HERE.


Thank you for always showing your support for the arts! 


Feature Interview! 

Voyage Chicago highlights the influencers, the creatives and the inspiring folks that live and thrive in this lovely city. 


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